“We Love Our Neighbors” ~ Block Party Outreach

sign up for block party

We’re looking forward to a special outreach opportunity on Sunday, July 15th. Instead of gathering on the church campus, we invite our church family to scatter into our community as we host various block parties in neighborhoods around our church. The premise of a block party is very simple: a family uses their yard to provide space for neighbors to gather and meet each other, share a meal, and enjoy time together.
You can get involved in a couple of ways. First, you could choose to be a host home for the block party. This would mean that you allow us to meet on your property on July 15th. We would use your yard as a staging area for the meal, and we would invite your neighbors to come over and spend some time at the block party. If you would like to volunteer as a host home for the block party, please call the church office to sign up no later than June 24th. This will give us time to make preparations with each host home.
Another way you can be involved is to be part of a group that attends a block party at a host home. As part of a group, you would be the face of First Baptist Church at the block party. Your job would be to show up at the host home, help with any preparations, bring a few food items (to be determined later), and interact with the people from the community who attend. In order to make sure we have enough people at each host home location, we ask that you sign up to be part of a group by July 8th. We will then communicate with each person about the location of the block party we would like them to attend.
On July 14th, the day before the block parties, we invite everyone to come to a brief “Shadow of the Steeple” event. We will meet in the FLC at 10:00 AM, and teams will be assigned to the neighborhoods where our block parties will take place. We’ll provide you with invitations that you can distribute in each neighborhood, inviting them to the block party.
The church will provide hamburger patties and buns for each host home location. Group members will provide condiments, chips, dessert and drinks. The church will also arrange for someone to cook the food at each block party location.
Remember, the deadline to sign up to be a host home is June 24th. You can sign up by calling the church office or signing the list that’s at the desk in the Welcome Center.
The deadline to sign up to be a part of a group that attends a block party is July 8th. You can sign up for that in the same way: call the church office (850.623.3122) or sign the list on the desk at the Welcome Center. Please call if you have any questions or need more information.

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