RELAUNCH: Sunday AM Connection Groups and Midweek Activities


September 1, 2020

Church Family,

As we move into September, we’re excited to officially announce our plans to RELAUNCH Connection Groups on Sundays, as well as resuming our full schedule of Wednesday activities (minus the midweek meal).

Sunday morning Connection Groups (Bible study) will relaunch on September 13th at 9:15.

A couple of groups will wait several more weeks before they resume. Also, a few groups will meet in different locations to ensure physical distancing. If you are in an adult Connection Group, please contact your group leader for specifics about your group. If you aren’t involved in a Connection Group, September 13th would be a great day to get plugged in!

If you have questions about the nursery, preschool, or children’s Connection Groups, contact Judith Coley ( Questions regarding Connection Groups for students should be directed to Bo Mills ( Contact Randy Jackson ( for details about the adult Connection Groups at FBC.

Midweek activities will fully resume on September 16th at 6:00 PM.

Our full schedule of Wednesday night activities will include the following…

● Preschool (preschool building) and children’s activities (The Zone)

● Student worship gathering (student center, upstairs FLC)

● Young adult Bible study (Building E, Room 125 / First Cup)

● Women’s Bible study group (Building E, Room 126 / adjacent to First Cup)

● Men’s Bible study group (Bamberg Chapel auditorium)

● Couple’s Bible study group (upstairs, Building B)

● Pastor’s Bible study group (sanctuary)

● Celebrate Recovery (Building E, Room 134)

As we relaunch and resume normal activities, please keep in mind the following…

1. As with any sickness in any context, people should be aware that there is always a risk of receiving germs from others when attending any public space or gathering.

2. We will continue to clean and sanitize all areas of campus on a weekly basis. Common areas and high touch surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized between Sunday and Wednesday gatherings.

3. Wearing a face mask, though not required, is highly recommended, especially when physical distancing does not occur.

4. Those who have recently (in the past two weeks) been sick, exhibited symptoms of COVID, or have been exposed to others who have the virus should remain home until they are either well or are no longer knowingly exposed to the virus.

We look forward to seeing you soon! If you have a question that is not covered here, please reach out to our office.

Jonathan Russell

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