Midweek Bible Study: “You Asked For It!”

Our midweek Bible study this week (March 25) consists of me trying to answer several questions that were sent in over the weekend. The questions were of such good quality and volume that I’ve decided to post a video response to each question individually instead of collectively. Please see the questions below. You can click on each question to bring up the video that responds to that question. Thanks for submitting your questions, and I pray that this would be a time in which you gain more information so that God can do a work of transformation in your life through the ministries of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God!

If you would like to watch the introduction video that was posted online, please click here to view it.

Why is there a difference in the genealogy of Jesus as recorded in Matthew’s gospel and the genealogy recorded in Luke’s gospel?

Did God the Father experience emotional pain when Jesus, his Son, died on the cross?

Why does the Bible seem repetitive in some places?

Why is Israel still regarded as God’s chosen people?

Will we know each other in heaven?

What is the origin of the practice of baptism?

What Bible version do you use?

Could you explain why you believe in eternal security?

How should you respond to someone who is influenced by the hypocrisy of another Christian?

Does the Bible mention Lucifer (Satan) as one of the archangels?

Do you think the Magi visited Jesus in Bethlehem or somewhere else?

Will we face the same temptations in heaven that we face on earth?

Is there any significance with Scripture’s repeated emphasis of the direction “east”?

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