Weekend Preview: November 12

We will wrap up our journey through 1 Peter this Sunday morning as we look at the tenth and final message of the “Stand Firm!” series. This Sunday we will examine the concluding chapter of 1 Peter. In 1 Peter 5, four distinct relationships are in view. We will spend time seeking to understand how we can have the right relationship with each group mentioned in the chapter: (1) with others; (2) with God; (3) with Satan; (4) with the future. Over the weekend pray that God will give you a receptive heart to the message he would have you apply to your life.

right relationships title

You’ll be blessed by the preaching of the Word Sunday night as Randy shares a message during our evening service. Pray for him as he prepares to deliver the Word. I’ll be leaving after our morning service to travel to Brandon for our annual state meeting.

This weekend is also a time when we honor our veteran’s, as Veteran’s Day is on Saturday, November 11th. Just prior to our welcome time we will take a moment to recognize our veterans and publicly thank them for their service to our country. As we offer God thankfulness for the freedom to worship, let’s also remember our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world who don’t have such an opportunity to gather together without fear of persecution.


I’m looking forward to spending Sunday morning with you!

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