Reentry to the Blogging World

Several years ago, I was quite prolific in the blogging space. I would crank out a post every 2 or 3 days. It would be rare for a week to go by without publishing at least three blog posts. Some of them were devotional in nature, explaining a spiritual truth God had taught me from Scripture, my interactions with people, from creation, etc. Some offered my commentary on significant events occurring in our area or nation. Some were for pure comical value. Others were designed just for the church I pastored, as a way to dispense important information to them during the week.

Then life just kinda happened. Things got busy. I began to do a lot of other writing, but I was paying a school to do this writing, and it took precedence. My blogging slacked up a bit as I wrote my prospectus in my PhD work, and it really slowed to a crawl when it came time to write that little thing they call a dissertation. Following that season of life, I never again picked up the habit of blogging, at least to the extent that I had previously done.

For the past several years, I’ve debated getting back into the blogging world. Writing is good for me. It causes me to carefully consider words and how to construct sentences. By extension, it drives me to think critically and analytically. I have to consider how to frame certain subjects or topics in a way that is accurate, yet appealing to those who may not agree with me. Writing a blog worth its salt is time-consuming and requires energy and effort. And I just got tired of all the effort with other deadlines that were in my life at that time.

Today I am in a position in which I might have the time for such critical and analytical thinking and writing again. So I think I’m going to jump off the board (keyboard in this context) and dive into the world of blogging again.

Don’t worry. I’ll not blow up your feed with a dozen blog posts a day. I’m going to start back slowly. I might toss a blog post up about an upcoming message or a sermon series. I might use a blog post to inform our church of what’s taking place at FBC. I might offer an occasional commentary on the craziness that we call culture.

But for now, we’re just in reentry mode. I’m sliding back into the world of blogging slowly. I’ll type again soon.

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